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Upon Reflection:

To do easily what is difficult for others is the mark of talent. To do what is impossible for talent is the mark of genius.

* Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Reflective Systems is proud of the accomplishments of its staff and associates. Highly skilled and experienced people working effectively together have allowed us to achieve numerous successes.

With IBM and Alberta Health and Wellness we have completed:

§         1999 - Newborn Metabolic Screening (WebNR)

§         1999 - Spatial Public Health Information Exchange (SPHINX)

§         2000 - Morbidity and Ambulatory Care Abstract Reporting  (MACAR)

§         2002 - Pharmacy Information Network (PIN)

§         2003 - Laboratory Test Results History (LTRH)

Today we are continuing work with IBM on an Alberta wide Electronic Health Record.

Also in Health Care with Accenture:

§         2000 - delivered solutions to the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta

§         2001 - mentored Accenture staff in object oriented technologies, provided team leadership, architecture and development support

§         2001 - assisted in the delivery of Health Connect, an Internet based system for Physiotherapists

§         1999 - Partners in Injury Reduction, an Internet system to track/manage  insurance rebates

§         2000 - Workplace Injury Reporting system to submit claims of injury over the Internet

We have also been providing consulting services to TELUS:

§         1998 - corporate strategy recommendations for web based data warehouse development

§         1999 - corporate Internet/Intranet evaluation

§         1999 - implementing end-to-end solutions for streaming audio, video, and e-commerce for TELUS Multimedia

§         2000 - an Intranet evaluation and strategy

§         2001 - Enterprise Common Messaging Framework for Enterprise Application Integration

§         2002 - a Virtual Domain Hosting self-service system for external customers/partners including integrated billing



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